ChildSafe is a global movement empowering people to protect children. A child safe environment which is both child-safe and child-friendly, where children are valued and feel respected and encouraged to reach their full potential. When you are looking for resources, filling out a template or checking on policies around child safety, please ensure you use the updated documents on this website. 7 March 2017. Our Vision. Standard 4: Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel. CHILD SAFE POLICY Introduction At Baden Powell College, we believe in creating an inclusive school environment that is nurturing and forward thinking and that is a place where students feel safe, valued and listened to. We give everyone a way to be involved. Editorial amendment to sections 3 and 5.7 to include the Working with Children Act 2005 (Vic) and new DFAT Child Protection Standards. Standard 1: governance and leadership. Training will be provided to newly recruited personnel, as well as existing employees, on the requirements of this Child Safe Policy and the Company’s Code of Conduct. All organisations that provide disability services, including but not limited to registered disability service providers, are subject to the Reportable Conduct Scheme. The video below is provided for Lions Members to explain the Child Safe policy. Child Safe Policy. (Audio and video). Standard 3: A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children. . The National Principles embed the child safe standards recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual … Child Safe Policy Awareness Training Package. CSIRO Child Safe Policy 2 [Music plays and an animation image appears of a female wearing a CSIRO t-shirt and waving] Jessie: Hi, I’m Jessie from the CSIRO. 1.2. The presentation has been prepare by Australian Child Safe Consultancy who assisted with the development of the policy. Specify who the policy will apply to. Risk management plans. Child Safe Policy. All documents on this website have been updated and supersede any previous documents, including the Keeping Children Safe policy. A child safe organisation puts the best interests of children and young people first. It also aligns with the Uniting Church in Australia National Child Safe Policy Framework. Identifies, evaluates and plans strategies to minimise the risk of children coming into harm, being abused or neglected by a parent, employee, volunteer or another child. 3 Scope This Policy applies to all BHI employees, volunteers and contractors. In response, the Australian Government has introduced the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (the Framework), a whole-of-government policy that sets minimum standards for creating and embedding a child safe culture and practice in Commonwealth entities. So organisations please do everything you can and everything you should do to keep our children safe. Communicates the values and attitudes of the association members on the issue of child protection and child safe environments. The Child Safe Standards require organisations that provide services or facilities for children to have a child safe policy or a statement of commitment to child safety.Your organisation may already have an existing policy or statement in place.This resource is designed to assist organisations to develop or review their child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety. We have zero tolerance for child abuse. Adult: means any person of or over the age of 18 years. Child or young person – person under the age of 18 Child Safe Environment – The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires organisations to provide a child safe environment. Do not rely on previous documents. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the commitment Box Hill Institute (BHI) has to providing a Child Safe environment for our students. On 19 February 2019 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), which included the Victorian Government, endorsed the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (National Principles).. The aim of HRCAV's Child Safe Policy (the Policy) is to protect the safety of children in our care and prevent abuse from occurring, and in the event that allegations are raised in relation to child abuse, to ensure that the allegations are properly addressed. ChildSafe exists to help everyone protect children. … It is important to provide environments and activities that encourage all children to participate in and celebrate their identity. The Manager, Process Improvement is the Company’s designated Child Safety Person, with the General Manager, People, Culture & Operations as the alternate contact person. Child Safe Policy. 3: Director, Students and Learning: 16 October 2019: 28 October 2019 Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, the Approved Provider must ensure that all educators and staff are familiar with current policies and procedures with regard to child Director, Students and Equity. Purpose. Some circumstances may trigger an early review, this includes but is not limited to legislative changes, organisational changes, incident outcomes and other matters deemed appropriate by the Board and/or Chief Executive Officer. 6.2. DHHS: Child Safe Policy Sample (Webpage) Reportable Conduct Scheme webpage (Webpage) Reportable Conduct Scheme. The Child Safe Policy will be communicated throughout the University community in the form of: 1. an Announcement Notice via FedNews website and on the ‘Recently Approved Documents’ page on the ‘Policies, Procedures and Forms @ the University’ website to alert the University-wide community of the Strong and clear governance arrangements allow leaders to ensure child safety is a focus within their organisation. Everyone working at Lauriston Girls’ School is responsible for the care and The purpose of this policy is to affirm the commitment of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to provide a child safe and child friendly environment, where children and young people with whom we have contact are safe and feel safe, and are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. To do this we’ve created a Child Safe Framework made up of the Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour and Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People. New policy to comply with Victorian Child Safe Standards requirements. CVGT Australia (CVGT) is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children involved in our programs.