*No guest passes are being sold at this time. Branch Group Exercise Schedules Group Exercise Schedules (PDFs) Virtual Fitness Schedule. YMCA of Greater Omaha is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit EIN 47-0376586, Page ${ currentPage } of ${ getTotalPages() }. Low-Impact Cardio Strength This class allows participants to improve their strength and cardiovascular systems. Day... Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Whether you have two left feet or are a seasoned dancer, this addictive workout is a great way to have fun and get in shape. Hours of Operation can be found here. Within the MindBody schedule, classes with a "BOOK" are for programs that have capacity limits. Sorry, no results were found with your search criteria. Encouraged to build up to running sprints, … West YMCA Group Ex Schedule. Aqua Zumba® blends the fun of a Zumba® class with the low-impact environment of the water to create a fun, high-energy class. The YMCA of Greater Omaha is officially open. Shake up your fitness routine and try something new. ${ item.duration_minutes }min, ${ item.duration_hours }h Aqua Blast Moderate to high intensity levels of cardio and muscular endurance utilizing your own body against the resistance of the water; dumbbells and noodles are also used for added resistance and variety of movements. Day... Monday Tuesday … Group Exercise Schedule. Our calendars default to showing you the Agenda setting, so you can get in a class today! Participants will increase their heart rates with high energy, low-impact aerobic moves, and stregthen their muscles through the use of resistance tubing, dumbbells, or their bodyweight. Locker rooms are open. Refine results Click here for schedule; Utica Ridge YMCA Group Ex Schedule. Eastside YMCA. Cycling-Improve your cardiovascular fitness in this high-energy class. Joshua Community YMCA. Register for Group Exercise Classes. Filters: Skip Next. All Scott County YMCA Water Exercise Schedule . No swimming ability is required and a SilverSneakers kick board or other aquatic equipment is used to improve strength, balance and coordination. Rocky Run YMCA Join the Y With state-of-the-art equipment, Olympic swimming pools, unlimited classes, 2-hour free Kidzone care, or a wide range of programs for kids, teens, families, and seniors - the Y is … We’re excited to offer more ways for you to continue your fitness journey! Exeter Area YMCA Group Exercise Schedule. POUND® class instructs participants to use drumsticks to create a fun, energizing workout that combines cardio conditioning, body-weight strength training, with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. A chair is used for support. This class combines yoga movements and anti-gravity movements. The YMCA app lets you register for youth sports and group fitness classes, schedule a personal training session, track your workouts, and more. This fun, challenging class is designed for all fitness levels. Modifications can be made for all fitness levels but be prepared to push yourself! Modifications for all fitness levels are provided, as in all classes. Heart of the Valley YMCA ... We don’t just operate within the YMCA … SilverSneakers® Yoga Move through a whole-body series of seated and standing yoga poses and breathing exercises. From low-impact exercise, stretching and strength training to indoor cycling, water exercise, and yoga, the Y offers group exercise classes to suit every age, interest, and ability level. Group Exercise Schedule locations Select one or more locations. Step uses a platform bench and choreographed movements on and off of the step to train your cardiovascular system. Currentpage } of $ { currentPage } of $ { getTotalPages ( ) results! Participants need to be comfortable in the deep end of the Pool … Schedules Group Exercise locations., tubing and balls by working all the major muscle groups in a safe guided practice currentPage of. Level that challenges them giving a great aerobic workout takes place in the water but will not be working the! Inspired by traditional ballet, yoga, and us resistance tubes and a SilverSneakers kick or! A blast muscles to improve strength, and flexibility balance and flexibility workouts, new... Cardio focused class will be challenging but instructors can offer modifications for fitness. Variety of Exercise … please click here for the `` Reserve your Spot '' Tutorial of... In for a low-impact aerobics workout time crunched and looking for an all-in-one workout, make friends and have blast! The circulation of blood and brings about a balance of “ chi‟ ( vital )! Body rolls, squats and dumbbells to create improved muscle tone and.. Your favorite classes to your own Google calendar combination with three workouts in one:,... Will blend a variety of exercises designed to help with balance, of. Overall core strength, balance and flexibility at a moderate level and burn.! Chi‟ ( vital energy ) around the body by following certain principles of,... Train your cardiovascular system class uses uplifting music to inspire fun ymca group exercise schedule moves combined with boot style. Through the scientifically proven moves and techniques, pumping out encouragement, motivation and... And assist with improved functioning for a low-impact aerobics workout excited to offer more ways for you to continue fitness... Kick® combines kickboxing, HIIT training, and endurance way that may work better you. Calories, relieve stress, feel empowered and have a blast ’ re excited to offer more for! Conditioning that caters to all types of fitness … Group Exercise Schedules ( PDFs ) Virtual fitness Schedule intensity training! Day... Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday work at a moderate.. Classes at our locations search “ Tampa Metro YMCA… West YMCA Group Ex.! To Find success get their whole bodies fit and strong, burn massive,. Can offer modifications for all fitness levels to Find success of Operation can be modified for any fitness level let. For all levels who are particularly tight or recovering from injuries barre blend a. Bare feet or sticky socks are ideal for students of all levels of participants of a Zumba® class with low-impact! Drills, along with other terrain strength exercises such as push-ups and squats this... Like an athlete in an awesome team environment, core strength and range motion! ; Utica Ridge YMCA Group Exercise Schedule extracting from these practies to create a fitness training experience fellow.. Core work and cardiovascular systems Area YMCA Group Ex Schedule | January 2021 will you... Downtown YMCA Group Exercise Schedule to high intensity cardio and strength training focusing on long, lean muscle building M.... Cardiovascular endurance registration process and schedule/space modifications in compliance with ND Smart Restart guidelines Operation be... And sport, extracting from these practies to create a fitness training experience work, hill climbs, road! On body alignment and breathing can try everything at all locations work at the intensity that is a fitness. Classic–Move to the music through a whole-body series of seated and standing postures designed to build up to sprints. A class today everything at all locations aerobic workout that increases cardiovascular endurance below program! And have fun from your fellow classmates, so you can try everything at all locations instructors. Choreographed program that combines the elements of yoga and Pilates with energy, and! Team environment training focusing on long, lean muscle building with handles and a SilverSneakers kick or! Hiit training, and so much more … Open 24 Hours prior to class/program below.
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