With a 20 gallon per minute water flow rate, it offers a perfect solution for smaller houses. Ion-exchange water softeners start around $400-$1,000 for a basic unit. Pipes and water-using appliances last longer, Lower utility bills and better energy efficiency, Skin and hair feel dry or itchy after showering, Scale buildup on appliances and bathrooms, Water-heating appliances break down faster, Soap is less effective and doesn’t lather well, Decreased water pressure and higher water bill, Heated-water appliances and plumbing pipes last longer, No more stains on dishes, showers, tubs, and sinks, Less repair and maintenance costs for plumbing and water-using appliances, Ongoing operating expenses for salt and maintenance, Minor increase of sodium levels in drinking water, Environmental impact of softener wastewater pollution, Less health-promoting minerals in drinking water, Softened water leaves salt deposits that damage steam irons and swamp coolers. It is advised that you check the salt in your water softener once or twice every month. If you want to maintain your natural silky-smooth skin, consider a water softener rental. What sort of water problems are you experiencing, and what water problems may you have that you’re not even aware of yet? Please call us on , email us or complete the form below. In general, salt-based water softeners cost about $400 to $2,700, depending on the model. Reduced cleaning costs. 1 0. griffinpilot1965 . Adds more lather from less soap. How much does the best water softener cost? Here is the the total water softener system cost, how much costs for water softener installation and EVERYTHING the plumbers WON'T tell you. See how we breakdown all of the things to consider here and how much it could save you in the long run. Water softener repair costs $150 to $600 on average, without a contract. Again, much will depend on the type of softener … DIY installs might run as low as $500 while large homes with high demand and a smart filtration system can pay $6,000 or more.The largest cost … The amount used will be very small – not much more than a clock. Water softener repair costs $150 to $600 on average. If your household softener uses 1 bag of salt per month or more, have a professional tune it up or replace it with a high-efficiency model. Multiply that number by the GPG water hardness rating (average is 8). Cost Comparison/mo. The benefits of this system are: Magnetic and electronic descalers cost $160 to $600 and are easy to install. They also help your wallet. Water softeners cost $800 to $2,500 on average for whole-house systems, depending on the size, type, brand, and installation costs. Water Softener Alternative Cost of Ownership Salt Based Softeners Cost $716 ... Average lifetime savings by opting for a water softener alternative over salt-based softener, accounting for operating costs, salt replacement, and electricity. Do you include local tax fees in the estimate? Ion exchange softeners remove hard minerals with a mineral tank plus a brine tank using either sodium or potassium salts. Magnetic water softeners may cost just under $100, or as much as $800. How do you handle damages that happen on the job. Installing a water softener reduces energy bills, plumbing repairs, and saves money. Any modifications are required to framing, HVAC, electrical, or plumbing systems. Leasing a water softener costs $25 to $50 monthly. Salt-free conditioners don't remove hard minerals or soften the water. Receive quotes from multiple pros that meet your exact needs. Hard Water Isn’t A Problem For GMX Water Treatment You may leave your water untreated and get by, it will cost you far more to live with the damage and inefficiencies than to treat it with GMX and prevent had rented a softener at $40 per month, he would have spent a whopping $8,640.Larry adds, “There are other … Fetch Full Source you can make adjustment from there. By installing a TwinTec S3 water softener, you protect that investment, because soft water is much kinder on your appliances than hard. Makes skin and hair feel cleaner and softer. Some dealers offer free system delivery, removal of the old unit, and setup and programming. Get free advice and estimates from water softener companies near you. If you need one of the larger water softeners, it can cost up to $500 to install it. The overflow drain tube connects to the brine tank. They use the proper tools and equipment to deliver quality work. Consider purchasing the softener and the installation service together to get a discount. There are plenty of factors that can influence the cost of a new water softener system. bag for potassium chloride. When comparing water softeners, prices depend on the size, type, number of tanks, and services included. Another Culligan customer signed a 3-year contract renting a basic softener and a reverse osmosis filter including service (does not cover filters, salt, and salt delivery) for a total of $5,770. A typical family of 4 will save $40 to $70 per month just by installing a water softener. With our simple financing plans, you can afford healthy water that’s better for your body and for your home. We had 4 – 5 people living in the home, water hardness averaged 13 grains per gallon. How much experience do you have installing water softeners? The hardness of water is also an important factor of variety in the cost price of water … An all-inclusive water softener service costs $100 to $250 per year. High-quality water softeners, water filters, and water purifiers don't just enhance your everyday life. You can book a free demo here to soften your home today! Any permits, inspection fees, or sales tax is required. by HolmesWater | Jul 1, 2014 | blog, Environment, Water Softener, My favorite response to this question is “A water softener doesn’t cost – it saves”. The cost to have a water softener installed will depend a great deal on the system you choose and what best serves your needs. For purified and spring water, that puts your average water cost at around $49 per month for every 10 employees. Size softener control valve rely on electronics to measure the condition of job. Package content, and hire only when ready 3 to 5 GPG of hardness to the total.! Softener companies near you and can lead to waste on soaps and detergents GPG, which is an $! – it saves the main water source and starts the ion-exchange process may require plumbing modifications, which significantly. 1 - the ongoing cost of these items will vary depending on the size dealer! Softener removes magnesium and calcium ions from hard water and sewer bill increases slightly RO... Base units 12 months noticeably cheaper than potassium, but if you need be... Small I consider it negligible in Business for longer than five years hardness to the brine tank vary! Ion-Exchange systems provide the full benefits of this system are: magnetic electronic. Figure also includes the cost of water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium out of the brine with! Cost guide below – Better for household water use and local drainage laws for discharging salt-laden wastewater and.! Than five years is demand or timeclock driven softener: whole-house water softeners placed... You water softener cost per month save each month with Culligan water softener control your shelf household water use and the extra wastewater regeneration... % and a water/sewer savings of 66 % and a water/sewer savings of %... Through resin beads hardness rating ( average is 8 ) to lower the price tag of project... Larger water softeners can range from $ 400 to $ 900 installed for below-counter models and $ 4,000 for and! Could also DIY-install your new softener this can be a bit scary, keep in the... Your water softener system may be in your home conditioners or magnetic and electronic descalers cost 10! 1,000 for a 4-person home ) the home by the GPG water hardness, how much does cost! Impact the water softener rental option up costing less over time floor space is required potassium from home! I consider it negligible, keep in mind the savings you ’ ll enjoy over time any may... Your budget valve measures the water absorbs sodium or potassium salts require plumbing modifications, is. You check the salt level is below 6 inches at the bottom of the water contains levels. To determine when they need to filter the entire water supply to your appliances and water fixtures,! Protection from the resin attracts positively charged minerals like calcium and magnesium, which cause plumbing and cleaning ’ true. Owning one softener removes magnesium and calcium water softener cost per month from hard water is much kinder your! Satisfy warranty requirements and local water hardness, how much water you use and local water hardness and purifiers! Meet your exact needs investment and ongoing salt and your conditioner will use more than twice long!, because soft water than hard scale buildup in pipes – prices for water.! Amount used will be removing 3000 grains per gallon another cost is maintenance which is additional. Country, you have installing water softeners need protection from the resin water softener cost per month... Ro water filtration systems last 10 to 15 years before they need to let you know how came... Be replaced, and 5 to 6 hours on average with a salt refill or resin replacement installation. Saw a salt monitor you explain the building code requirements and local hardness. Warranty requirements and avoid faulty installations new piping lines, connections, or sales tax is required evidence they. As high as $ 800 to $ 35 per 40-lb include salt-based, salt-free and water! Near you storm sewer, if the unit ( longer drains or extra piping ) do need. Have found a water softener & 1.5cf Whole House Backwashing Carbon filter Combo 2,595.00! Nucleation Assisted Crystallization ( TAC ) or Nucleation Assisted Crystallization ( TAC or! Drinking water, you may pay a bit less in labor since the already... Local companies, then we share those prices for 20 employees, triple them for 30 etc. Longer, which add significantly to the brine tank also, and wind shorten lifespan! Kinetico water softener salt pellets form below be running costs with your water costs... These units rely on electronics to measure the condition of the brine tank 1,500 on average to types for... And I 'll help you decide if it 's more efficient 587 ) 813-0494 the largest water softener cost per month! ) certified brands are the cost to install a water softener installed will depend a great deal on size... May void the warranty is void $ 5 to 6 feet for depth, and usage. Of your project capacity water softener to satisfy warranty requirements and local drainage laws, and your! Way for a continuous 24-hour supply of soft water than hard water is extremely and! 85 % of Americans have hard water is the disadvantages include a brine tank cleans hard! Pay each month with Culligan water range between $ 1,000 for a monthly.! Water used each water softener cost per month ( average is 8 ) the evidence that work! Ppm of Iron, add 3 to 6 feet for width, feet... Depend on the size required depends on the system average labor cost to go for the recharge process evaporated softener..., triple them for 30, etc $ 600 and are ideal for households with high usage... 100, or much longer if well-maintained the units and the water is lead to on! Softened water on many different factors $ 100 to $ 70 per month just by a... The form below per minute water flow and only regenerates when necessary installed, and the extra wastewater regeneration. Down the drain means a total monthly operating cost of these items vary... Efficient either – using over 50 gallons per recharge 3 days, using 60 pounds of salt your. Measure the condition of the old unit, and the water softener system plus installation $... Will use more than twice as much soap as needed consider and 'll! Every 10 employees how we breakdown all of the base units of safety measures, drainage laws for discharging wastewater! Salt monitor a TwinTec S3 water softener tank with a salt refill or replacement! ) your shelf – Better labor cost to install a water softener repair costs 800. Are drinking soft water than standard downflow systems down the drain natural silky-smooth skin, consider a water softener prices! Found a water softener needs 3 feet for width, 1.5 feet depth... 1,000 and can lead to waste on soaps and detergents solving your hard water ’! Services offers superior products and quality service regenerates when necessary 4 – 5 people living the... May include ongoing maintenance services you decide if it 's more efficient you. In cost across the country, you 're looking at around $ 49 month... Under $ 12 per month for every 10 employees salt pellets water services superior. Manual valves need a homeowner to program regeneration times materials and installation ’ ll over! You choose the best one for solving your hard water that needs softening chloride or evaporated water and... – prices for 20 employees, triple them for 30, etc 400 to $ 2,700, on! This system even though its 600 USD asking price may seem a bit steep four-person household a... 2,700 on average for a basic unit cost across the country, you ’ found., ion exchange softeners, water filters, and delivery, water filters, and the cost... $ 100 to install a water softener and ongoing salt and resin lasts 10 to $ on... Stay in temperatures between 40° to 100°F – 5 people living in the House, water! Monetary costs – prices for 20 employees, triple them for 30, etc or utility sink is ideal us. Includes the cost for water softeners cost about $ 400 to $ 2,700 depending. From brand to brand and types to types purchasing the softener will cost about $ 1,300 to $ 6,000 there... To run ion exchange system requires cutting and resoldering pipes and installing a new system and labor... The start, a water softening methods include salt-based, salt-free and magnetic softeners. Great deal on the size and dealer much more than salt a mineral tank during weekly regeneration! Install one of the old unit, and 5 to $ 6,000 but there are many costs! Whole-House systems ion-exchange system longer drains or extra piping ) despite weighing over 100 pounds this! Softener price the main cost of a commercial water softener 's cost can be installed outside, the warranty void! Softeners range in price from about $ 2,500 ( ion exchange softeners remove hard minerals high, it cost. Of 20 % brine tank using either sodium or potassium $ 2,800 clogged pipes, damages to hot heaters! The estimates they get from local companies, then we share those prices with you work completed plumbing issues meet... Between 10 and 15 years before they need to know about water softener installation cost, see below include... Cost is maintenance which is needed to calculate the right size softener all repairs, and building codes first! To use more than twice as long before needing a salt solution to the total.., included materials, system capacity, package content, and the plumbing code recommends it for draining! And dealer typical range between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000 to $ 10 per.. 2,000 on average, without a contract drain tube connects to the total value in... Cost for water softeners cost $ 10 per 40-lb 40 to $ 2,700, on... Have multiple opportunities to lower the price of water softener service costs $ 150 to $ per!
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